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Faith in the Body

Faith in the Body

Here is where I am with this. Healing exists, but when can we hope for it?

When can we say: Healing is....




This is really the essence of what patients need to know, once a diagnosis has been made.

For a long time I believed that healing was virtually always possible. Then for a while, my thinking, feelings and faith narrowed, tightened. I have come around again to greater possibility even in the face of significant adversity.. Why?

My own condition is in the midst of a process that has informed me. More on this in an upcoming post.

And the condition of humanity is likewise at a crossroads...can the earth heal? Can societies heal?

Our most direct experience is of our own bodies, and this kind of self-knowledge is always immediately available for analysis at many levels. How interesting that we should not be raised with a deep intuition about what is going on within?

I hope to engage you, the reader, you the patient, you my teacher and my collaborator, in explorations of what self-knowledge in the body and in healing processes, at many levels, looks like, feels like, and what is possible.

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