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About Health

The art of medicine is about understanding each individual's needs, and this aspect has become largely intuitive for me.The seasoned and caring clinician should: 


  • Stay up to date (but should not become too enamored of the ever-shifting terrain of evidence-based data)

  • Maintain humility (know what is possible, what isn't, and find someone else to help when things arent going well!)

  • Get on the side of the therapeutic force...and remain open to all possibilities,  including heretofore untraveled roads

  • Understand how each human body, in its miraculous incarnation of the life force, in both health and disease, is connected to the rest of the natural world

  • When it comes to the health cosmologies of East and West, not  necessarily "either/or", but  possibly BOTH!


I thank my many teachers, of various persuasions and orientations, some of them true healers of the body, others of the mind, and others of the spirit, for leading me to a place in my career from which I can pass on a little bit of their wisdom and compassion.

What does she know that we don't?

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