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Do you feel poorly but your health care thus far has been unable to help you feel better or explain what is wrong?


Do you have some of the problems associated with aging and feel that traditional care is somehow falling short?


Do you have chronic anxiety, sleep problems, depression, daily headaches, or fatigue and feel that standard treatment is not adressing the root causes of your problem and is not successfully resolving symptoms?


Are you frustrated with an inability to develop healthy eating habits? 


Do you worry about getting the diseases that afflict/afflicted your parents and wonder what you can do now to avoid them?


I have had broad training in many approaches.  One approach doesnt fit all. For some a more carefully structured program using western medicine is all that is needed or desired. For others, an entirely different paradigm using eastern methods including traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs or Taoist healing can help shift unhealthy patterns. Self-care might include learning to meditate, self-hypnosis, self-shiatsu targeting problematic body tension or learning Chi Kung. Recommendations about physical activity and foods that are truly suited to your needs are always a key part of reorienting health.


Our work together usually needs to include an extensive health care and personal/family history so that I can really get to know you. It might include recommendations for further evaluation, traditional talk therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, instruction in meditation or other relaxation techniques,  use of herbal patent formulas, nutritional approaches sometimes including prudent use of supplements, and homework, including practicing new skills and reading ! 


Let's work together using approaches that appeal to YOU!




How I Can Help You


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